Greens, eggs and a really, really bad (but original) joke!

Continue reading at your own risk! ;)

What was the chicken reading when it crossed the road?

A book book! Let is sink in...maybe say it again...a few times.

Now for the real stuff...a serious NEWS FLASH!

We're super excited to join forces with @arborfarmct selling healthy and delicious Arbor Farm eggs, alongside our local, delicious, nutritious and colorful microgreens.

To get on the email list, click and sign up HERE.

The best part?

Local Eggs + Micro Greens all in one, easy stop in downtown Guilford.


Not to mention you’ll be supporting two local farms!

Choose your microgreens, whether that's the radish, sunflowers, pea shoots, mild or spicy salad blend. Add eggs for a super delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bon appetit!


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